Sunday, May 22, 2011

All The Pieces Are Done!!

I cannot believe that I am finished with all the pieces. I want to thank everyone who got me to this point!! I also want to thank everyone who already have bought tickets and helped me on the way to doing something great for Global Health Training. Don't forget that one picture is missing until my Mom gets me the picture for August's Piece. I will post it as soon as I can for you.
I am already anticipating the top being pieced together so you can all get a good idea of what the quilt will look like. I would love it if when you read this if you would take a few minutes to either email the link to some of your friends or to post it on Facebook or Myspace!!!

Love Jamie

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I spent this last weekend with my parents and got to start the next big step with the quilt. My mom and I went to a local Menonite quilting store to see about having the pieces quilted. It was such a fun time with my mom! She knows her stuff about quilting and I found myself just nodding along while she and Mrs. Graber worked out exactly how much fabric was needed for the piece work, the sashing, the edging. All things I really know nothing about!! Glad mom was there to help out. We picked out three beautiful fabrics to go into the quilt. A beautiful light green color, a rich dark green, and a simple ivory pattern. We discussed the design of the quilt and Mrs. Graber even drew a sketch to outline the idea of the quilt!!!

I left eleven of the twelve pieces with Mrs. Graber so her quilting group could begin piecing together the top of the quilt. Like a nut I forgot to take a picture of the piece for August and so it will be early next week before I can post it for you. I will also be finishing up piece number twelve and mailing it to my Mom this week so she can take it to Mrs. Graber. I will also have my Mom try to take a picture of the sketch of the design so you can get an idea of what it will be like. The finished Quilt should be about 60 inches by 80 inches so it will be a pretty good size.

The women of the Summersville Menonite Church will be hand quilting the quilt and my Mom and I were able to see some of there work and it is just exquisite. We asked them to put a patch on the back so there is some record of it being quilted by the Menonites. I will be posting some more pictures soon. Mom will go and taqke a picture as soon as the top has been assembled and I can't wait to share more with you!!

Please take note of my previous post in regards to the date of the raffle. I had to adjust it so that the quilters would have time to finish before the raffle.

Just a Little Bit Longer!!!

I hate to do it but I will have to extend the raffle date until November 30th!! I have started the quilting process and the quilting group will need more time then I originally anticipated so the date will have to be moved!! I PROMISE it will be worth the wait! If you have already purchased a ticket and need more info please feel free to email me at