Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Post

I could not pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity to have such an awesome first post on my blog.

Here I am sitting at my computer talking to my cousin on the phone about how to best design my blog. I am not the best at computers, and I think she has the cutest blog in the world so I call her. I am on central time here in Kentucky and it was almost 11:00pm. Both my babies tucked into bed, my husband left for work half an hour ago (poor guy works nights). Someone is knocking on my door. My parents don't knock like that and my baby brother is gonna get a kick in the pants if my neice isn't in bed yet :) So....Who could it be?
A strange man of course! Words have not been invented yet on how to describe his appearance. I had my cousin stay on the phone even though one look at the guy and I knew he was not any kind of murderer or anything. I opened the door and he said "Is Mike (my dad) awake?"..."UMMMM, no" I say. He says and I quote "my coon hound has a coon treed in a tree down on the river, I just wanted to let ya'll know so's I didn't scare anyone cuz we's gonna go down there and shoot him outta that tree down yonder"..... For those of you who don't know..I am a city girl from Phoenix, AZ and I will never forget tonight for the rest of my life. I wouldn't even expect any person to believe me, EXCEPT that my cousin was on the phone and heard it all. So for a first post I believe this tops most!!


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