Saturday, November 6, 2010


Sewing was always a calm thing for me. I have wonderful memories of my Aunt Debbie, who went to be with the Lord when I was a young teenager (fifteen years ago) (this was the first of several times cancer had touched my life in an impacting way). I loved my Aunt, she was amazing to me. She created many beautiful things with her hands. I was fascinated by this from the time I was very young. I do not actually remember if it was Aunt Debbie or my Mom who actually taught me to cross-stitch. I do know that it was Aunt Debbie who first made me love it SOOOO much.

It was last year about this time that I started cross-stitching again. It had been years since I had even considered it. I got married in 2004 to Matthew the love of my life. I was working full time and enjoying coming home and cooking and learning the new routine of living with my hubby. We started out living in a little apartment in Tempe, AZ. We got pregnant with our wonderful son less than a year after being married. Needless to say I had other priorities, and sewing was the last thing on my mind.

I continued to work full-time even through the birth of my second baby. Olivia Rose. She is beautiful and I love her very much. She is such a unique little girl and she blesses me and makes me laugh. She was born in June of 2008. It was a wonderful time for me and my growing little family.

In August of 2008 my husband was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. It rocked our world in so many ways. Everything seemed to be happening at once and way to fast. Our lives changed so much in such a short amount of time. The grief was difficult and I still deal with it even now. I got pregnant at this time and miscarried at eight weeks. God continued to love me and held my hand even when I was bitter towards Him. I made it through day by day and came out stronger for it. I was unaware that this was preparing me for an even harder trial. There is nothing worse than having your spouse be sick with a serious disease. EXCEPT of course unless it is your child.

In August of 2009, almost exactly one year from the time that Matthew was diagnosed. My sweet and beautiful boy was diagnosed with Leukemia. We are still supporting him through his battle that he will fight until 2013. Needless to say our world was rocked once again. I was stronger this time in some ways and weaker in others. I never got angry or bitter with God this time. But I was crashing in other ways. I was exhausted, weary, sad, many emotions.

It happened fast but by Thanksgiving Day I was saying goodbye to most of my huge family and leaving Arizona to move to Kentucky to be with my Mom and Dad. My supporters, and two of my closest friends. The best possible people I could lean on.

Almost immediatley after moving to Kentucky I began sewing again. God began ministering to my heart with a needle and thread. Now it will be my daily prayer that God will be able to use this project to minister to others. My Auntie, wonderful woman that she is, reminded me today what a powerful thing to pray every time I pick up my sewing. May the Lord bless each stitch to reach those in need of His eternal Love.

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