Saturday, March 26, 2011

All In A Day's Work

I can't believe that just two short days ago it was beautiful, sunny, and warm. 83 degrees with daffodils everywhere and these particular trees I love that are blooming all over with the most beautiful white flowers ( I think they are dogwoods) . Then today it was horribly cold and grey and it started SNOWING!!! Well I sat cuddled in a blanket all day and got a good chunk of stitches done on the august piece and finding myself wishing it really was august. I wanted to post another picture to show just how much I got done. So here it is!! ~*~*~Jamie*~*~*~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have a three day weekend and I am so happy to be able to get some serious stitches in. I have been so busy with getting settled in our new place & also with my new job that it has been very crazy trying to make some good time to stitch. Even though I have several months before the Raffle drawing I am feeling the pressure to be finished with the pieces. Here is a picture of piece 11 which is August!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting There

I feel the last couple of months I have had things that have stopped me from stitching as much as I have wanted too. I am so close to being done with the cross-stitching and I am anxious now to start the actual quilting stage!!

We moved!! Not that I didn't LOVE living with my parents for the time we needed too, but we are also happy to be back in our own space and really feel that this move is like our lives starting up again!! My husband and I started a new jobs. I started a part-time job in banking and it was a hard decision because we felt it was necessary to do and that the Lord was leading us there but I was nervous about putting Ben (my son) in daycare because of his immune system deficeincies due to his Leukemia. But God is good and he hand-picked a great sitter for us and so far it is all working out great!

All of this does mean less time for sewing so I expect the final two pieces to take a little bit longer than the rest I already completed! I know I will finish them and I am excited to be able to start sharing pictures of the quilting process if possible. I will not be doing the quilting myself so I hope it works out that I can take several pictures of the quilt during that part of it!

Thank everyone for keeping up and for all your encouraging words and support!