Tuesday, November 16, 2010

School Days

I am finally finished with the class I took this semester!!! I aced my final and I am turning in all 74 of my assignments tomorrow. Wheeew!! I am actually very excited to get back to sewing. This class stopped me for several months.

I just finished posting all the completed pieces for the quilt. I have seven done and I am currently working on 8 & 9. Normally I do one at time but I got eight all the way done except for one color that I ran out of so I started on 9. I should have both done quickly. I can't believe that I will over half way done. I have five pieces left to complete. December, May, August, October & March. I am really looking forward to August and December's pieces.

I decided today to add a 2nd & 3rd place prize to the raffle. They are also pictures of quilts. They are by the same designer as the pieces for the raffle quilt. One is titled "Star of Bethelehem" & the other is "Tree of Life". I really like both of them and enjoyed making them so I am throwing them into the raffle. They will be finished with framing. I will post pictures of them as soon as possible.

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